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AllegroGraph News - September 2012

AllegroGraph News
September, 2012

In this issue
Free Webcast: Big Data, Fast Data, and Complex Data - Defining and Overcoming Challenges - 10:00 AM Pacific, Wednesday, October 3
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As Presented at NoSQL Now! 2012.
Join us - Wednesday, October 3rd at 10AM Pacific.
Every day we speak with software engineers trying to find a productive approach for application development that requires a combination of BigData, Fast Data, and Complex Data solutions. In this presentation we will first describe when to use BigData solutions like Hadoop and Cassandra, then we will cover concepts around Fast Data solutions like in-memory graph databases, and finally we discuss use cases for Complex Data that thrive with Semantic Technologies.
The second part of this talk discusses a combined platform architecture for real time semantic entity tracking that needs the scale of Hadoop but also the speed of in-memory databases and the complexity of semantic technologies. We will discuss best practices for managing scalability solutions, ETL pipeline strategies, and complex event processing (CEP).
Register to attend this webinar here.

SemTech - London - Join us for Jans Aasman's talk on September 20th
Franz Inc.'s CEO, Dr. Jans Aasman, will present at the September Semantic Technology Conference in London. The Semantic Technology & Business Conference (SemTechBiz) brings together today's industry thought leaders and practitioners to explore the challenges and opportunities jointly impacting both corporate business leaders and technologists. Attendees benefit from this unique opportunity to explore how semantic solutions and linked data are being embraced throughout companies across a diverse range of business categories.
For information on Dr. Aasman's talk, see heretarget blank image.
For conference information, see heretarget blank image.

Semantic Technology & Business Conference - New York City, October 15-17
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New York - October 15-17
Packed with innovative panels, case studies and real-world perspectives, SemTechBiz offers one tutorial day and two comprehensive full days of fresh insight and immersive learning from global experts in technology, financial services, healthcare, publishing, search, mobile and enterprise data. An exhibit hall will also showcase the latest tools and solutions across the Semantic and Big Data landscape. Attendees come to SemTechBiz for the practical advice, hands-on guidance and meaningful takeaways that our business luminaries and subject matter veterans bring to the table.
For additional conference information, see heretarget blank image..

AllegroGraph v4.8 Now Available - MongoDB Integration
MongoDB ('mongo' is from "humongous") is a scalable, high-performance, open source NoSQL document based database. MongoDB provides JSON style document based storage with full text indexing, replication, sharding, MAP/REDUCE support and a rich document-based query language. It does not provide good support for complicated joins, linked data, graph analysis or rules.
By connecting AllegroGraph to MongoDB, it is possible to query graph style linked data and document based data in a single query. AllegroGraph can query MongoDB databases using SPARQL. The interface is similar to what we provide for Solr and for the built-in free-text indexes. See the AllegroGraph MongoDB Interface documentation here
See all of the new version 4.8 features in the AllegroGraph product description here.

Gruff v4 with New Outline View Now Available!
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There is a new outline view for browsing and editing linked nodes as an indented outline. It is especially useful for viewing hierarchies of nodes such as those using rdfs:subClassOf or skos:narrower predicates, and editing them by shifting nodes around (perhaps while adding new nodes as well).

For additional information on the new release, including an Outline View Tutorial, see here.

YouTube - The AllegroGraph Channel
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Videos covering AllegroGraph and related technologies.

Visit AllegroGraph's Channel heretarget blank image..

Brief Highlights
Oil Platform
Semantic Case Study: EPIM ReportingHub.
The E&P Information Management Association (EPIM) launched EPIM ReportingHub (ERH), an interesting semantic technology project in the field of oil and gas.
Read the full case study heretarget blank image..
Modus Operandi LogoTactical Semantics: Extracting Situational Knowledge from Voice Transcripts using Ontology-Driven Text Analysis. Dr. Kent D. Bimson, Vice President, Research, Modus Operandi, Inc. View the details heretarget blank image.. LogoBuilding a Personalized eCommerce Agent: Introducing the Thrive.AI app. Marc C. Hadfield, CTO, Vital AI. View the details heretarget blank image..
Amdocs LogoPractical Lessons in Developing an Enterprise-Wide Semantic Application. Craig Hanson, Director, New Products, Vision and architecture, Amdocs. View the details heretarget blank image..
Intel LogoIntel - Big Memory, Big Data, and the Semantic Web. "Techniques like MapReduce and NoSQL products based on them are fine for some problems," said Mitch Shults, Mission-Critical Segment Strategist, Intel Data Center Group. "To achieve high performance against meaningful amounts of triplestore data, however, you just can't afford to be traipsing all over the network to pull things together. This result demonstrates the incredible value that affordable large-scale, big-memory server platforms built around the Intel Xeon E7 server platform can deliver for next-generation workloads like triple stores." For additional information, see heretarget blank image.. logo What One Trillion Means for the Semantic Web. Mitchell Shults commented on the significance of Franz's recent success loading one trillion triplestores. Shults writes, Triplestores are perfect for making sense out of extremely complex data. However, a triplestore is only useful if massive quantities of information can be loaded, updated and effectively queried in a reasonable amount of time. That is why Franz's Technology announcement is so interesting. Read the rest of the article heretarget blank image..
Amdocs - "Semantics - the B2C Game Changer" (Video): Bill Guinn, CTO Product Enablers, Amdocs Product Business Unit, delivered a keynote at the 2011 Semantic Technology Conference in San Francisco. His talk was one of the highlights for anyone interested in how Semantic Technology can be used in enterprise systems. Watch the video heretarget blank image.. (Knowledge Resource for Science and Technology Excellence, Malaysia) is an initiative, based on AllegroGraph, by MOSTI and spearheaded by MASTIC to address science and technology issues and challenges faced by the community, the ministry and the country. is designed to be a Single Point Access Facilities (SPAF) providing intelligent collaborative knowledge management and learning services platform on Science and Technology and Innovation. More info heretarget blank image..

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