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AllegroGraph News - July 2014

AllegroGraph News
July, 2014

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Free Webcast: Graph vs. Semantic Graph Databases - Selecting the Right Database for Your Next Project
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Wednesday, July 23rd, 10 AM Pacific

A frequent question for Semantic Technology vendors: "Why use an RDF triplestore, why not a general Graph database or some other NoSQL option?" This presentation discusses the criteria for selecting the appropriate database for your application.
With the surge in interest around "Graph" technologies there is a need for understanding the tradeoffs for various Graph based technologies. There is a whole set of use cases where Graph technologies make the most sense for application success. This presentation will explore the technical and business reasons to consider a Graph Database, RDF Database, or hybrid Graph/NoSQL. We will discuss a set of real world applications for Graph technologies and explore a number of criteria to consider for proper database selection, a few are noted below:
Selection criteria:
  • (1) Do you need to model knowledge or assets and you literally have to deal with thousands of objects that have different feature sets?
  • (2) Do you add or change object definitions on a nearly daily basis?
  • (3) Do you need to do do recursive graph search on your data or you need to do complex pattern matching?
  • (4) Do you have to deal with innumerable one to many or many to many relations and you need to index them all?
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Free Webcast: Discovering the Social Networks in your Customer Data
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Wednesday, August 13, 10 AM Pacific

Most Enterprises have collected large bodies of data that describe interactions between their customers. Consider the graph of claims and policies for an insurance provider, telephone calls and SMS for a Telco, and links between payments by customers of financial institutions. Graph databases can be used to mine these social interactions to better understand customer patterns and opportunities.
Relational databases are fundamentally unfit to explore the graph within a social network and Big Data solutions (Hadoop, etc) are usually not meant to work with sparse graphs. The mature capabilities of Graph Databases have made them the optimal approach to mine these social networks.
During this presentation, we will discuss applications of graph mining to show the relationships discovered through "Similarity" and "Social" graphs.
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Previous Webcasts: YouTube - The AllegroGraph Channel

AllegroGraph 4.14 Available July 14th 

New features include:
  • Redesigned Query Interface for AGWebView. The interface has enhanced functionality and includes a CANCEL button to easily allow user to cancel uncompleted queries. See notes in the WebView Documentation
  • AGWebView's SPARQL query user interface now supports query log viewing, query plan inspection and reports additional details about query execution such as query time and warnings
  • Enhanced auditing and end user security capabilities
See the full list of new features and improvements in the release notes.

Gruff v5.3 - Now Available
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New Features include:

See the full list of new features and improvements in the release notes.

2014 NoSQL Now! August 19-21 to feature Dr. Jans Aasman
NoSQL 2014
The fourth annual NoSQL Now! Conference is the largest vendor-neutral forum focused on NoSQL (Not Only SQL) technologies.
Join us for Franz's Presentation - Enhancing Hadoop for GeoTemporal Graph Analyticstarget blank image. Wednesday, August 20, 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM
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Franz Sponsors GraphLab Conference 2014 - San Francisco, July 21
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The conference is a non-profit event held by to promote applications of large scale graph analytics in industry. We invite talks from all major state-of-the-art systems for graph processing, graph databases and large scale data analytics and machine learning. A mega event is planned for this year, with around 800-900 data scientists attending, with the topic of graph analytics and large scale machine learning.

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Brief Highlights
White Papers

White Papers
Franz was named as one of 21 NoSQL Innovators to Look for in 2020, in a post on The Wikibon technology research and advisory websitetarget blank image. because of its flagship RDF and Graph Database product, AllegroGraph.

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Gartner Names Semantic Technologies To Its Top Technology Trends Impacting Information Infrastructure in 2013. Semantic technologies have made it to Gartner's list of the top technology trends that will impact information infrastructure this year. Read the full article heretarget blank image..

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Graph databases, like AllegroGraph, are one of the new technologies encouraging a rapid re-thinking of the analytics landscape. By tracking relationships - in a network of people, organizations, events and data - and applying reasoning (inference) to the data and connections, powerful new answers and insights are enabled...

Haystax picked as 2013's best small business dealmaker. Tools from Haystax Technology, a new analytics company, helped law enforcement officers scrutinize potential threats in real time from 600 data sources.
Read the full article heretarget blank image..
The Malaysian State of Sabah's Biodiversity Center's (SaBC) target blank image. is using AllegroGraph to run the Sabah Biodiversity Integrated Information System (SaBIIS)target blank image. AllegroGraph is the centralized RDF database used to integrate and store biodiversity data coming from more than 20 organizations that collect specimen data in different formats and schemas.
Read the press release here. (Knowledge Resource for Science and Technology Excellence, Malaysia) is an initiative, based on AllegroGraph, by MOSTI and spearheaded by MASTIC to address science and technology issues and challenges faced by the community, the ministry and the country. is designed to be a Single Point Access Facilities (SPAF) providing intelligent collaborative knowledge management and learning services platform on Science and Technology and Innovation. More info heretarget blank image..
Central Things Manager is a Drupal module being developed that uses AllegroGraph to centrally maintain data structures and content allowing Content Types, Taxonomies, and Content to be shared among many Drupal sites.
Read the full post, including a video demonstration heretarget blank image..

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