Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gruff v5.8 - Now Available

• The new option "Outline Options | Maximum Triples per Predicate in Outline" avoids initially displaying huge numbers of triples for a single predicate and parent node in the outline view, which can be cumbersome to scroll past. When the limit is hit, a single triple is displayed for the predicate and parent node, with a note like "click here to see the other 347".

• Custom predicates for supplying things like node labels can now be specified more quickly than with "Global Options | Node Label Predicates | Custom Predicates for Node Labels", by right-clicking a predicate in the properties column of the table view or in the legend of the graph view, and using the new "Use as Custom Predicate" command from the pop-up menu.

• You can now export a subset of user options for others to share, using the new commands "Global Options | Export Some Options" and "Global Options | Import Some Options". Imported options that have multiple values, such as the node colors to use for various types, can optionally be merged with your own values.

• Several efficiency improvements for better speed.

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