Monday, February 20, 2017

AllegroGraph v6.2 - Now Available

Release 6.2.0 is a major release with significant changes to various parts of AllegroGraph. The attributes facility has been improved and a new command-line tool, *agtool combines most previous command-line programs into one. Some important changes are noted here and link to full release notes below:

  • New agtool command line program. See the agtool document for details. agtool replaces most command-line programs used in earlier releases.
  • Triple attributes enhancements. The Triple attributes facility, allows each triple to have associated attributes. These can be used for various purposes, such as access control. The facility has been enhanced in various ways in release 6.2.0. See the Triple Attributes document. Individual changes are listed with other 6.2.0 changes below.
  • New server load charts in AGWebView. Charts displaying aspects of server loading and performance are displayed on the Server Load page in AGWebView. The page is displayed by the View Server Load item on the Utilities menu. Here is a picture of the charts:

The Server Load and Performance Charts

Release Notes -

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