Tuesday, July 31, 2012

AllegroGraph v4.8 - Now Available

Features: MongoDB Integration - Presentation: MongoDB meets the Semantic Web, and a recent Webcast on MongoGraph 

SOLR Interface for free text indexes, integrated with the SPARQL 1.1 query engine. View the webcast: Making Solr Search Smarter using RDF

Many SPARQL 1.1 enhancements and performance improvements

SPIN support (SPARQL Inferencing Notation). The SPIN API allows you to define a function in terms of a SPARQL query and then call that function in other SPARQL queries. These SPIN functions can appear in FILTERs and can also be used to compute values in assignment and select expressions.

New Transactional Duplicate triple/quad deletion and suppression

New Support for Client Authentication via x.509 certificates

Improved efficiency of Warm Standby and Replication

Numerous internal improvements, particularly to index updating and query processing, which results in improved performance.

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